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caspian winter tour

Gigs are being confirmed every day ...
New Year's Eve with Parno Graszt for sure!
(dates in bold are confirmed)

germany => frankfurt (dec 28) ->

hungary => budapest (dec 30, dec 31) ->

romania => cluj-napoca (jan 1, jan 2, jan 3,
jan 4, jan 5, jan 6) ->

hungary => budapest (jan 7, jan 8, jan 9,
jan 10) ->

germany => frankfurt (jan 14)

new website

The new website is ready! However it is very sensitive & experimental so please don't look at it directly.

New features such as news, extended photo gallery, customisable radio station, streaming content, online music store, and lots of other useless bells & whistles with which to clog your neighbor's unencrypted wireless network.

The focus has been on content & features rather than design, but hopefully we'll be adding more fonts, horizontal lines, clashing colors, and unintuitive links ASAP. Enjoy.

goodbye sahand

Mr. Sahand, a.k.a. San Juan the Spaniard, has left the band for good, to focus on his subversive Iranian radio show, his intercultural Cafe Mezrab, other musical projects, and a bunch of other boring stuff. We will miss a master darbuka player, future clarinet star, storyteller and friend.

violins� .� accordion� .� guitar� .� bass� .� darbuka� .� dum-dum
youtube has removed our video of our 2007 performance of kalyi jag's "mori shej sabina" from their site without any notice or reason given. we're not sure why. someone suggested maybe it's a copyright issue ... funny that we have the personal written permission of balog j�zsef to cover the song (but they didn't ask us).

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