bad-ass action tomorrow & hi fred

Dear Fred,

There is a big action tomorrow in solidarity with the 4th Indigenous Congress in Peru, and against the EU-CAN (Comunidad Andina de Naciones) summit where they will attempt to negotiate a "free-trade" agreement.

The location is still secret but will be posted here, and in case this site is down, also at

If all goes well it be an amazing day full of politics, info & music :)

If not, it will still be a day full of ... politics :(

We will play at 21h00

Topics include the right of indigenous people to land, ´┐Żand the damaging effects of soy production in Paraguay, banana production in Colombia, oil in Ecuador and GMO crops in Mexico.

See you there and remember to wear shoes you can throw.


Also, thank you for your responses regarding the missing Fred:

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Fred? Freeeeeeed! Come back home! Freeeeeeeeed!

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fred was really disappointed... He says he isn't even on your mailinglist.
so please put him on there:

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I am Fred! haha


Regarding this last one I can only say: you, Sir, are not Fred.

Greetings, Fred