thespians, hungarians, caspians, and you

You know that sign on candy machines that says (I'm paraphrasing): "Danger! Do not stick your hand in the wrong end to retrieve the partially lodged Snickers bar that we're cruelly withholding from you even though you paid for it" ?

You haven't seen it? Well Joseph didn't either and his right hand is officially out of commission* for a short while.

(* Facebook users: that's like "momentarily offline" )

So we're writing this to let you know* that on Friday and/or Saturday you should come for the special treat of Silvi's violin crying through Russian Shers, Ajde Jano's and Hungarian gypsy tunes as only Silvi's violin can.

(* that's like "writing on your wall" )

Friday: After the mime pieces "Hello Detroit!" (Shani Leiderman) and "Celebration" (Xavier Fontaine), one of which includes music by Mr. Valentin von Lindenau, and the film "het eiland van de vrouw aan het venster" (Marieke van der Sloot), Caspian will smack around a bit.

To reserve for the theater, call 020 626 9291

Saturday: Hungarian culture night with typical Hungarian food, drinks, poetry, film, band and DJ's. Food is included in the entrance fee.

with DJ Rainman and Ramses Hoppa!

and the film "Nyocker" ("The District", HU, 2005)

And it will be happy* times for all.

(* insert smiley here )