Friends, Enemies, Eric:

On Tuesday our violin player Joseph plans to leave the country and basically the band, after 4 years of solid squeezing, tearing, screeching, crooning, touring, arranging, recording and performing.

Also on Tuesday, the mayor of Amsterdam will contradict his stated policy, as he plans to evict several squats, such as the Schoolstraat, 't Blijvertje, and Schijnheilig, for at least one of which the only plans existing are to fill it with anti-squatters.


Why don't you come to our concert at Schoolstraat 4 tomorrow at midnight,
and see if we can convince the relevant parties to change their minds?

Well, why don't you, huh? Friends, enemies, no need to answer. Eric: I
expect a prompt reply.

De mazzel,

Caspian Hat Dance