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NuMoon "Best Gypsy Band"


The folks at Rotterdam's famous NuMoon festival had the following to say about us:

("met stip de beste gypsy band van nederland * afsluiter en hoogtepunt van numoonfest 2008 * [...] net terug van een uitgebreide zomertour door de balkan en de usa * hét voorbeeld van de nieuwe crossover wereld muziek * we kunnen niet wachten op het nieuwe album")

- - - -

("they shot straight to the top as the best gypsy band in holland * headliner and high-point of numoonfest 2008 * [...] just back from an extensive summer tour through the balkans and the usa * THE example of the new crossover world music * we can't wait for the new album")

- - - - -

Thanks! And we can't wait till next year (Though we are not really a gypsy band)

update: tonight's concert

Update: the land between Weteringschans 8 and 10, next to the Paradiso, was just squatted, and that's where we play. It's an empty piece of land belonging to the� Endstra family.