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Juri has left the band indefinitely to move to Mexico to eat "tortillas" and speak "Spanish" and be in "love". But he left this letter to Amsterdam, which he wrote in Italian and then translated (by himself) to English. We will miss that goblin boy.

Dear Amsterdammer,

Like every year since I live in Holland I'm touring for the all summer, it's going great, a lot of concert, miles, people, music, deserts, mountains, swamps, very hot and very cold. How is Amsterdam doing? I never sow her in the summer... for what I know everything could be happening.... maybe people run in circle naked trowing buckets of paint to each other and everybody sleep together in the spoons position at dam square while the traffic police squats houses to organize wild karaoke night to avoid getting bored since nobody cross a red light anymore because all the stop light have been kidnapped to organize a big floating light show in the canals that for the occasion have been filled with bier thanks to the generosity of Mr. Amstel and the squatters as a protest against this consumeristic act are trying to drink it all without burping and so after some hours they become inflated like balloons and they start to float in the air filling the sky of drunken lough and anarchist songs and maybe some of them will try to seduce an aereostatic balloon... I wondering what kind of creature will born from the fornication of a squatter full of bier and an aereostatic balloon with anarchist simpaty? But even harder for me to imagine is how t' hell do you put everything in order every time before I came back in town.

bad-ass action tomorrow & hi fred

Dear Fred,

There is a big action tomorrow in solidarity with the 4th Indigenous Congress in Peru, and against the EU-CAN (Comunidad Andina de Naciones) summit where they will attempt to negotiate a "free-trade" agreement.

The location is still secret but will be posted here, and in case this site is down, also at

If all goes well it be an amazing day full of politics, info & music :)

If not, it will still be a day full of ... politics :(

We will play at 21h00

Topics include the right of indigenous people to land, �and the damaging effects of soy production in Paraguay, banana production in Colombia, oil in Ecuador and GMO crops in Mexico.

See you there and remember to wear shoes you can throw.


Also, thank you for your responses regarding the missing Fred:

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Subject: Re: hi fred

Fred? Freeeeeeed! Come back home! Freeeeeeeeed!

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fred was really disappointed... He says he isn't even on your mailinglist.
so please put him on there:

From: frederik xxxxx <>
Subject: RE: hi fred

I am Fred! haha


Regarding this last one I can only say: you, Sir, are not Fred.

Greetings, Fred

secret concert on saturday

surprise concert this saturday night my friends -- damn it's so secret we don't even know where it's gonna be. check

on saturday for the location. in case that's down, it's also mirrored at

and if the whole internet is down that day, bike around a bit and keep your ears open ...

caspian documentary at the talkies

tomorrow (Sunday) you can see the documentary which acclaimed filmmaker Branislav Jovanovic has made about us, including lots of bad dutch and worse english, stuff about squatting and amsterdam and our origins, the exciting cities we've played in, the horrors of collective decision making, do-it-yourself windshield-wiper repair, and the dumb things we like to say. click here for details, grz, caspian hat dance