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NuMoon "Best Gypsy Band"


The folks at Rotterdam's famous NuMoon festival had the following to say about us:

("met stip de beste gypsy band van nederland * afsluiter en hoogtepunt van numoonfest 2008 * [...] net terug van een uitgebreide zomertour door de balkan en de usa * hét voorbeeld van de nieuwe crossover wereld muziek * we kunnen niet wachten op het nieuwe album")

- - - -

("they shot straight to the top as the best gypsy band in holland * headliner and high-point of numoonfest 2008 * [...] just back from an extensive summer tour through the balkans and the usa * THE example of the new crossover world music * we can't wait for the new album")

- - - - -

Thanks! And we can't wait till next year (Though we are not really a gypsy band)

youtube has removed our video of our 2007 performance of kalyi jag's "mori shej sabina" from their site without any notice or reason given. we're not sure why. someone suggested maybe it's a copyright issue ... funny that we have the personal written permission of balog j�zsef to cover the song (but they didn't ask us).