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our trip to england

Our trip to England was smashing indeed.

After we arrived in Dover we encountered mabel having a chat and a visit with fiona at the latter's house, where we joined them for some custard pie and vinegar crisps.

We went on to Oxford where we played a show with the bloke and bird from experimental dental school. Later on we went home and did a smash-up job making some badges with a rangle-tangle new badge machine.

silvi remained in Amsterdam, waiting for her wee lad to swim out of her belly and into his life.*

mister joseph perfected a new form of rhyming slang so complicated that we couldn't communicate with him any more.

fish wanted to head to Scotland Yard for a cup of tea with the inspector and discuss clues in the orient express murder case. We had to remind him that Scotland Yard was closed on Sunday, that the Orient Express case was solved long ago and was in any case not real, and that if he kept staying stupid things we would put him straight in the badge machine for a nice mash-up and bang-to.

In Brighton we were quite busy playing and dandying about. There was no time even for the old in-out, as we spent most of our free time taking turns standing in a patch of sunshine.

Cowbell said, "Have we enjoyed ourselves, lads?"

"We most certainly have, luv!", said Valentine.

"See crash willy crystal not on the rocks, eh?", said Mister Joseph.

"Bugger me sideways, he's gone off again", added Goblin. "Perhaps we should have a dip in the pond".

And despite water cold enough to freeze the bollocks off a Boer, we managed to have a most refreshing drip drip and splash-about.


* Ol�n Guillermo, born last week, healthy & rosy.